Sunday, February 9, 2014

Girl's Evening Out!

Amazing goodie and sweet table

One of my wonderful cousins Fances will be bidding us farewell soon, by getting married, and moving to Switzerland.  To bid her adieu her sisters threw her an amazing farewel/bridal party. Unless you are part of the Marquez-Zavala families, you do not understand the excitement that arises when my family receives an invite from the Marquez sisters.  To say that their parties are fun is a gross understatement.

Let me describe the experience by first describing Frances, the bride-to-be.  Frances is an amazingly talented hairstylist in Los Angeles.  She has a style blog, and is the one responsible for giving me my first pixie cut.  Going along with these interests Frances' shower was all about hair, make-up, pinups, and Kate Spade inspired style.

  Each table was decorated with gold, black, white, pink, and red accents.  We had cotton candy, popcorn, and chips at our disposal for snacking.

At the table we were greeted by a table setting that included 2 lipsticks for each lady (like I told you the Marquez girls know how to treat a gal).

Party favors from the goodie table.  
The entrance greeted us with a large display of treats and make-up for our choosing.  On this table instead of a guestbook there was a tray with different shades of pink and red lipstick.  You would apply the lipstick and then kiss the canvas that is on the right side of the table, to bid her farewell with a kiss!

Right next to the dessert bar a make-up artist was giving all guests fake eyelashes...

and next to her was a caricaturist, this is me looking a lot like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music.

Then, as if things weren't already more wonderful than all the guests could have imagined, we had a burlesque dancer come and give us burlesque lessons!

Like I said the Marquez girls don't throw your average party.  This event was exactly what I needed.  Ethan's been sick all week and we even had to make an ER trip (i'll be posting about this later).  Needless to say,  I was feeling drained and in need of some girl time.  Going to this shower made me feel like I'd gone to a swanky Hollywood party with some of my favorite people. Although I love my little more than life itself I will admit that mommy needs girl time every once in a while to re-charge, and that's exactly what I got to do last night.

Amazing Marquez trio.
From left to right, Anabel (hostess),
Frances (bride-to-be), Irene (hostess).
Each of the Marquez sisters has their own blog
 that I highly recommend you visit,
 I've listed a description and link of each one below.

Anabel's blog, Do Tell Anabel takes us into Anabel's world of working mommyhood in Los Angeles.
Irene's blog afterhours is a fantastic fashion blog from one of the most stylish people I know.
Frances' blog frenchee-lou will give you amazing style, hair, and make-up tips to keep you on trend all year long.
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