Saturday, February 1, 2014

Double Take

Last night Ethan came down with a stomach bug and now Ethan is healthy and happy, and Jeff and I have the stomach bug. Why is the baby always patient 0?  Since we've been stuck indoors all day I thought I'd write a post to pass the time.

So I heard of this artist that takes double pictures of strangers who look like twins, his name is Francois Brunelle.  I had once read that we all have at least one person in the world that looks like us but I didn't believe it until I found mine!  My friend Emily was surfing the net and she came across this picture

For those of you who know me (which is everyone that reads this blog really) this girl looks just like me! When I saw it I did one of those cartoon double takes were you look at it look away then shake your head a few times and look again.  I even showed it to my aunt without telling her it wasn't me and her reply was, "Oh, Luanita, you look so pretty".  Every once in a while I pull this picture out and just stare at it cause it weirds me out so much.  Hopefully the poor girl whose picture this is never finds out that her creepy doppelganger stares at her picture to pass the time.

If you have some free time check out Francois Brunelle's project, here's the link: and have fun looking for your twin!
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