Saturday, August 16, 2014

Paperless Thank Yous: Environmentally Friendly or Rude?

The app that I use for sending
thank you notes

Ethan's birthday party was in June and I'm just getting around to sending the thank you cards. Which is pretty typical for me, hopefully my family members realize I'm not inconsiderate, just very absent minded.  A year ago I started using an app called Thank YouPro, which lets you create digital thank you cards that you can e-mail or text.  I loved this idea because I have literally read a thank you card that was sent to me, thought "Awww how nice", and then thrown it in the trash.  It's a really nice sentiment, and I like knowing that the recipient liked my gift, but I'm not going to be one of those hoarders with a room full of thank you cards. Am I supposed to save it for a few months and then throw it away? I just don't understand what one is supposed to do with such things.

I try as hard as I can to do my part and not create too much waste.  I use cloth diapers, reusable wipes, and with the implementation of one to one ipads in my district, I almost went paperless in my classroom last year.  So when it came to writing thank you notes the logical thing for me to do was also to go paperless.  I'm letting my guests know that I appreciate their gift, they don't have to feel bad about deleting it, and we're not using precious resources and creating more waste.

This is what the app looks like
as you work through it.  From top
to bottom: choose a card, write
your note, then choose how you want
to send it, super easy to use.

When I asked a few of my friends and family what they thought about this new method for sending thank you cards I got mixed reviews.  Some said it was wonderful and asked me for the name of the app; others said it was impersonal and that people may take offense upon receiving it.  I figured you can't please everyone, so I have continued to use my e-thank you cards because I have never been one to do things the traditional way.

What are your thoughts? Would you use e-thank you cards, and would you mind receiving them?
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