Saturday, April 26, 2014

We're Painting the Roses...

Otto and Sons is located in Fillmore, CA
Since I was little I have loved roses.  I can't really pinpoint where the love came from; it could be because both of my grandmothers grew the most beautiful roses in their gardens, and having them in my garden reminds me of spending time in my grandmothers' gardens with them.  It could also be because the images of roses are connected to Our Lady of Guadalupe, an image of the Virgin Mary that is very dear to my heart as well.  Either way, since I was little I have loved the look and smell of roses.  My perfume smells like roses, and whenever Jeff asks me what I want to plant in our garden my answer is always, ROSES.  To top it all off I kind of hit the jackpot when I married Jeff, his family owns the premiere rose nursery in the West Coast!

Otto & Sons was started by Jeff's grandfather Otto, is now owned and operated by Jeff's uncle Scott, and Jeff's dad Bob recently returned to work in the family business.  Although this ownership has been music to my ears, it has also burned a huge hole in my pocket.  Whenever we go to the nursery I have to either tell myself that I will not buy any roses, no matter how pretty they are, or I set a limit.  Although, like today proved, I usually say, "I swear I'm only going to buy one rose," and then I leave with 3.  Luckily, although Jeff gives me a hard time over my rose addiction, every time we come home with new roses he gets his shovel out and starts brainstorming where in the garden we'll be able to fit the new additions to our rose family.

This weekend Otto & Sons held their annual Rose Days.  They hold this special event once a year and they open up the lower level of their nursery (the area where they grow all of their roses) to the public.  All of the roses are also on sale, which is why I said I would only get one and ended up leaving with three, it was such a good deal I couldn't pass them up.

If you're in the area Rose Days doesn't end until tomorrow, April 26th.  A rose bush makes an amazing Mother's Day gift, and with the incredible selection that Otto & Sons offers, you're sure to find a rose that suits your style.  If you can't make it down to Otto and Sons this weekend, but live in Ventura County, it's a great trip to take with the family.  Even if you're not in the market for roses the scenery is gorgeous, and on those occasions where I've sworn I wont buy any roses I like to go from row to row just to smell the flowers.

*Although my husband's family owns Otto & Sons I never recommend anything that I don't truly love.  I actually used to buy roses here with my mom before I even knew the Klittich family.  Just in case you're wondering, Jeff and I still pay for all of the roses that we purchase.

Ethan and his Grandpa Bob stopping to smell the roses.

The gorgeous Fillmore mountains, and the rows and rows
of roses made this outing truly breathtaking.

This is one of the beauties I added to my collection.  This is
Double Delight, gorgeous bloom and one of the most
fragrant roses I've ever smelled.

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