Monday, April 14, 2014

Baby Lu's Book Themed Birthday

Ethan wearing glasses that were in his goody bag.  These glasses
were the perfect party favor, and have become one of Ethan's
favorite play things.  Ethan is also wearing his "Very Hungry
Caterpillar" onesie to match the book theme.

My friend Ambar is one of those people that plans the most creative parties.  She makes everything herself, and always pays very close attention to detail.  A week ago her son Lu celebrated his 1st birthday, and we were lucky enough to get an invite.  It was book themed and as soon as I saw the invitation I got little hearts in my eyes, just like those emojicons.  I have my bachelors in English, and am a Language Arts teacher, so this party's theme had my brain drooling.  I couldn't wait to see what creative party decor Ambar had up her sleeve.
This was the invitation, which was handmade.  The lining of the
envelope is a hand-cut comic, and hand glued.  The part of the invitation
that has the party information is a library checkout card that is hand stamped
 with the party info.  When I said she pays attention to detail I was not

When we got to the party we were greeted by table settings that were made from real apples.  They were each sitting on a stack of books, had a picture of Lu, and a Dr. Seuss quote.


The party bags were tote bags with the word READ stamped on them.  Each one included a book, candy, and the thick rimmed glasses that Ethan was wearing.  When I saw we, I mean Ethan, was getting a tote bag I was ecstatic.  I'm addicted to collecting tote bags, and although I forget them 60% of the time that I go to the store, when I do remember them I feel like I'm saving the world!

There was also a craft/reading tent set up for the kids.  Although there wasn't much reading happening, there sure was a lot of crafting.  There were coloring books, colored pencils, fabric markers, and stencils.  The kids were using the stencils and markers to decorate their tote bags.  I then got the bright idea to let Ethan decorate his bag using a marker.  I soon realized the error of my ways and he became very upset when I wouldn't let him eat the fabric marker.  I quickly looked around and gave everyone the look that says, "Don't worry I'm not abusing my child, just a first time parent that doesn't always think things through."

Finally, we got to the food.  Ambar had an adorable book themed dessert and snack table set up.  Each of the snacks is related to a specific book.

It was such a beautiful way to celebrate the first year of a very special little guy.  Kuddos to Ambar one of the most creative and awesome hostesses that I know!
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