Saturday, March 15, 2014

Forest Nursery

This is the view of Ethan's nursery as you walk in (please excuse
Chloe she really wanted to be in the picture).

When I was 2 months pregnant I told Jeff that I wanted the nursery to be forest themed.  I'm obsessed with the image of birds, and Jeff and I both love trees (we have a gorgeous 60 year old tree in our backyard).  Being the amazing, supportive husband that he is, and not wanting to fight with a pregnant woman, he said O.K.

I have always been a very frugal person and wanted to make my dream forest nursery, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I must apologize in advance though, I'm really working on my photography skills but my pictures aren't the best.
 I bought the changing table off of craigslist.  My mom made the hanging bookshelves from a tutorial I found on Pinterest.  Something must have gone wrong though because the dimensions are off.  The fabric turned out to be too long, so it's really hard to see what books are in there.  The diaper organizer is from Target.  The baskets in the changing table are from IKEA, except for the frog one, that was a gift.
 I love foxes because they remind me of my dog Chloe, one of the many reasons I really wanted to have a forest nursery.
 A family friend, and my yoga instructor, made Ethan this gorgeous mobile out of paper cranes.  Ethan loves to watch it spin while we change his diaper.
My mom also sewed the curtains; the fabric is from IKEA.  I bought the dresser at a thrift store and then had Jeff spray paint it yellow.  I really want this to be the nursery that I use for all of my children, so we made it gender neutral.  The walls are blue to simulate the sky, and there are accents of green and yellow throughout the room.
Owl Lamp: Cost Plus; Owl Storage
Containers: IKEA (a gift from my friend Emily) 

Turtle Night Light: Amazon
The pattern on the curtains consists of leaves
and birds.
My cousin Irene gave Ethan these Peter Rabbit books at my
shower; they were a perfect addition to the nursery.

Crib: IKEA; Dutailier Glider: Babies "R" Us; Foot
Rest: Babies "R" Us
I bought this end table at a thrift store also
and had Jeff spray paint this one the same color as the dresser.  This end table had come with natural wood fixtures, so we bought some for the other dresser to make it look a little more cohesive.  Jeff painted the mural you see on the large wall.  The quilt that's on the glider was Jeff's when he was a baby, which we were both really excited to be able to incorporate into he room.

Our nursery is extremely colorful and lively.  I love sitting in there with Ethan while he plays on the forest floor rug (from IKEA).  I also have spent many nights and mornings rocking and nursing him to sleep.  In the end the whole project was very budget friendly (except for the Glider, those things cost an arm and a leg, but it's worth every penny), and we have created a space that Ethan loves to sleep and play in.

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