Monday, July 6, 2015

Product Tuesday: The Jim Gaffigan Show

*Like all of my Product Tuesday posts this post is not sponsored by anyone, especially not the Jim Gaffigan show.  Although it would be a dream of mine to be contacted by the network representing his show I'm sure their advertising team has better places to advertise than on obscure mom blogs.  If his show does advertise on mom blogs then I think it's time to get a new advertisement team Jim.

My favorite comedian is Jim Gaffigan.  If you have not heard of him you need to finish reading my post and then watch the clips I have included, the man is hilarious.  He jokes about being a dad, loving fast food, disliking healthy food, it's like he's reading my mind!  One of my favorite aspects of his stand-up is that he doesn't cuss (yes, I'm one of those old people that thinks there's too much cussing on The MTV), and is the kind of comedian I could watch with my mom, which is a major plus.  I have comedians I enjoy, but none that I relate to as much as him.

For our anniversary Jeff and I are going to be going to his stand-up comedy show in Los Angeles and I can't contain how excited I am to see him in person.  His last stand-up special is on Netflix and is entitled Mr. Universe. If you haven't watched it I highly recommend it. He has also written 2 books, Dad is Fat and Food: A Love Story.  Which I have not read but plan on reading, since I have so much free time on my hands of course.

Even more exciting than all the cool things I've already mentioned is the real reason for this post.  On July 15th The Jim Gaffigan Show will be premiering on TV Land.  I already watched the first 2 episodes on iTunes and they are hysterical.  After Ethan went to bed Jeff and I had a full on laugh fest watching Jim's show, which portrays his life with his wife and 5 children in a 2 bedroom apartment in New York.

For your viewing pleasure I've attached some of my favorite YouTube clips of Jim Gaffigan and I highly recommend that you tune in to his show.

Deep down we all love McDonald's, I know I do...

I often quote Jim when people ask me why I'm having a homebirth.

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